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Watch Batteries

Are you looking for supreme quality watch batteries? In that case, Watch Parts Outlet can come to your help. We offer lithium batteries and capacitor batteries of the highest standard. You can buy watch batteries from popular brands like, Maxell, Casio and Seiko from our online store.

If you want to get new batteries for your watch or want to buy an array of batteries to start a watch repairing business, it is time to visit our site and choose the one that suits your needs the best.

A Huge Store of High-end Batteries

We offer everything from GP 27A 12v Battery for Electronics and GP 23AE 12v Battery for Electronics. Our products can be used in glucose monitors, heart monitoring systems, radio systems, photo cameras, calculators, games and much more. Buy solar watch batteries that are rechargeable and have a shelf life of almost 10 years. In case you are looking for pocket batteries, you can check the SR43SW 5 Pack Batteries Blister Strip #301 - Genuine Maxell or the SR716SW 5 Pack Batteries Blister Strip #315 - Genuine Maxell. With high life expectancy, they are perfect to be used in health devices, such as blood pressure cuffs, glucose monitors and digital ear thermometers. They are also perfect for keyless remote entry systems.

To make sure that you do not have to recharge the battery of your watch separately, you can opt for capacitors that get charged while you are on the move and spread the energy to the operating parts of the watch.

Our stock of fresh batteries last long and are manufactured by the leading battery makers of the world. You can take a look and buy watch batteries from us. We promise to deliver the items, within the stipulated date.

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SR927W Watch Battery 399 - Maxell
SR927W Watch Battery 399 - Maxell