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Electronic Precision Digital Caliper 6.0" Length
Electronic Precision Digital Caliper 6.0" Length
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Model: 4EDC6
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   Unlike dial or vernier calipers, this digital caliper shows the measurement on a LCD display, so no more squinting to read numbers or guessing a reading between two values. An Inch/Metric button switches the readout between standard and metric instantly. This digital caliper allows you to "zero" the readout. With the jaws at any position, simply press the yellow Zero button to set the display to zero, then narrow or widen the jaws from that point to perform incremental measurements. This caliper performs four types of measurement: outer diameter, inner diameter, depth and step. Placed for convenient thumb access, the thumb wheel opens and closes the jaw and makes fine adjustments. This digital caliper is a lightweight instrument made with durable hardened stainless steel. Accuracy is .001" (plus or minus), and the readout shows measurements as small as 0.0005" / 0.01mm. A convenient fitted plastic storage case is included. Battery life is 3.5 years of normal use; comes with SR44/LR44 silver oxide cell battery. The caliper has tested at 20,000 hours of battery life, which is rounded to 3.5 years at 24 hours per day, minus holidays and weekends. With purchase we'll include an extra battery for later use if needed.Calipers measure objects with great accuracy. Comes with owner's manual which can be referenced to for troubleshooting if needed.


  • Range: ( 0 - 105.15mm ) or ( 0 - 4.14" )
  • Physical Size 6.0" Inches
  • Extra Battery Included
  • Precision Measurability 0.0005" / .01mm
  • Accuracy .001" (plus or minus) 
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Electronic Precision Digital Caliper 6.0" Length
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Electronic Precision Digital Caliper 6.0" Length
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